Become a Private Investor


  • Need More Cash To Retire?

  • Need More Than Just a 401K?

  • Need Better Returns on Your Investment?

Are you concerned with not having that steady paycheck after retirement? Even with your nest egg put aside, will it be enough to sustain you during your golden years of retirement? Do you just need to get a better return on your investments for the future?  Whether you are retired or are just planning your future, you don’t have to stop making money!

Lucas Properties LLC works with private hard money lenders everyday to better their investment portfolio and help secure your funds for a financially healthy future.  Take your 401k or other retirement funds and turn them into more cash. Painless and quick, Lucas Properties can show you how to become a Private Cash Investor and get the best return on your hard earned money.

We do all the work, you just collect all the cash.  We buy and sell properties and you collect a profit off all sales you fund privately has a hard money lender.  We are experienced and knowledgeable investors who know what market and the economy are like and how to invest your dollars wisely for the greatest returns.  Simply fill out the form below and you are on your way to earning as much as 10% on your first investment.

Retirement doesn’t mean you’re done earning a living! With a small investment, you can make that extra money for that cruise you’ve been dreaming about all your working years. You don’t even have to live in the area where you invest! Working with Lucas Properties LLC is easy, hassle-free investing at its best.

Become A Private Cash Investor 

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